#include <libmilter/mfapi.h>
int smfi_addrcpt(
	SMFICTX *ctx,
	char *rcpt
Add a recipient for the current message.
Called When Called only from xxfi_eom.
Effects Add a recipient to the message envelope.
ctx Opaque context structure.
rcpt The new recipient's address.
RETURN VALUES smfi_addrcpt will fail and return MI_FAILURE if:
  • rcpt is NULL.
  • Adding headers in the current connection state is invalid.
  • A network error occurs.
  • SMFIF_ADDRCPT was not set when smfi_register was called.
Otherwise, it will return MI_SUCCESS.
NOTES A filter which calls smfi_addrcpt must have set the SMFIF_ADDRCPT flag in the smfiDesc_str passed to smfi_register.

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