#include <libmilter/mfapi.h>
int smfi_setpriv(
	SMFICTX *ctx,
	void *privatedata
Set the private data pointer for this connection.
Called When smfi_setpriv may be called in any of the xxfi_* callbacks.
Effects Sets the private data pointer for the context ctx.
ctx Opaque context structure.
privatedata Pointer to private data. This value will be returned by subsequent calls to smfi_getpriv using ctx.
RETURN VALUES smfi_setpriv returns MI_FAILURE if ctx is an invalid context. Otherwise, it returns MI_SUCCESS.
NOTES There is only one private data pointer per connection; multiple calls to smfi_setpriv with different values will cause previous values to be lost.

Before a filter terminates it should release the private data and set the pointer to NULL.

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